Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Shepherd

Recently I have been pondering about shepherds and their sheep as on a recent hike I saw a shepherd standing there in pouring rain, just watching his sheep.
It's kind of a cool story, so I better just start in the beginning:

We (that is 2 of my collegues from work and I) went on a hike at the highest mountain in this area called Feldberg. It is truly beautiful up there at this time of the year, no snow yet. Also, the weather was really stormy and rainy which I actually loved.
At one point of the hike it was just pouring rain when we saw this person standing there like a rock. When we came closer we saw he was a shepherd watching his sheep. What stood out to me was that all the sheep were turned towards him, standing real close to each other:
I loved that picture and just thought about the image Jesus gave us of Him being the shepherd. It was so beautiful to see with my own eyes what He meant in John 10.
I just saw the picture of how we have to hold on to the Shepherd at all times (and weathers) because He will always be there for us. Also we have to have community with each other to warm each other, to be there for each other especially in the cold and stormy times.
So let's go, let's do that!

What have you pondered about recently?



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