Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Quote of the Day

As most of you know Sleeping at Last is one of my absolute favorite bands. Every single song is a masterpiece of poetry and I have quoted them so often on this blog. Hence today's quote is by them too:

But we can't dream when we're wide awake
Or fall in love with a heart too strong to break.

Wow... I mean... wow... this is so true.
Do you sometimes feel like you are losing some dreams or like your forget about them?
Is your heart too far hidden behind walls?



  1. I love it.

    (Great photo of Garden of the Gods, by the way. Cheers.)

  2. thanks Josh! Ja, remember it was the place where you said that's how you imagine Eden to have looked like?
    Hope it is ok that I just took the other photo from you... :-) cheerios!


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