Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day 18 Off the cliff

The you(th) Christmas Party was so wonderful yesterday and I just simply ENJOYED it!
Today I want to share a video with you that my friend Joshua showed me today.
I haven't listened to Sigur Rós in a while but when I saw that music video it just inspired me to write about it.
You can interpret it the way you want to, but for me this is just beautiful in the end. Sometimes we have to run up a mountain, jump off the cliff and be in free fall, letting go of everything that holds us back. I love how they let it all go, strip off the things that weigh us down...
I know I have said that a lot this year but seriously, just let go and let God do the work He wants to do in your life!



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  1. i love how the boy helps the girls over the little stream and how they all lay down to sleep, and the boy and girl holding hands and when they jump, oh when they jump but they aren't falling down.
    love this video!


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