Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 21 Layer by Layer

I am really super excited about this post because I waited to write it until I thought the time would have come and did not want to spoil this in the world.
So I found this video of a dance that is so incredibly beautiful and so perfectly describes the journey of my year.
The dance is about how we focus on the goal, how we push through, how we reach the end.
This year has really been a year of stretching and growing and moving forward and I feel like in order to become the woman God wants me to be layer by layer has to be taken off to be refined, renewed... yes naked before God's eyes so He can transform and conform me according to His will. Sometimes we want to go back to some of the old things, because it felt easier and pushing forward feels harder, but we have to focus on Him, knowing that He has the perfect plan, the happy ending, the fulfillment of your dreams, what your heart is longing for and ultimately He has an amazing calling for our life!

So... with these words, enjoy the video (for facebook readers please click "view original post" to see the video)...

Much love on this rainy December day



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