Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 2 Christmas Presents

It is 4:17 on a beautiful Thursday afternoon and I'm ready for my second post of the Christmas Calendar. Just lit my little candle on the desk and am enjoying some coffee and chocolate. Bliss.

Today during my lunch break I went to a little shop downtown to pick up some Christmas presents and it got me thinking about the whole buying gifts, commercialization of Christmas and how people just run around to find "something".

I personally love preparing, buying and thinking of Christmas presents for my friends. I usually make a list of all the people I want to give something to and then I try to think of something special.
I believe that Christmas presents do not always have to be something bought. They just need to be something thoughtful. Yes it takes a little bit more effort, but if you want to escape all the shopping-mania, that's the way to do it.
So I guess, this post is just to encourage you and help you come up with a few ideas. So, here's a list of things you can give that are inexpensive, yet thoughtful, loving and special:

- give time. Make or if you're not crafty, buy a card and give somebody time that you are going to spend with this person. A coffee, a shopping trip, a breakfast... whatever it is you guys like
- bake something. That is something I have started 2 years ago. It takes some time to prepare, but people love it. Plus, it shows them that you took the time to create something that they are about to enjoy.
- host a dinner party. This falls into the category of giving time, yet you invite people to your home, you cook something. If you're out of time, this can be great because it can also be hosted within the following year. Just make sure you really fulfill what promised.
- make a photo collage. I've always loved receiving these presents. It's awesome because somebody reminds you of all the great memories you had together.

In my family the whole tradition of giving gifts is a feast unheard of. We gather around the tree and give presents for hours. We laugh, we joke, we're weird and whimsical. We celebrate each gift and enjoy it. I love it. It is always the highlight of the night.

Hope you're enjoying your day taking a couple minutes to ponder about Christmas.
my sister and I joking around the Christmas tree in 2008

Mucho Love



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