Monday, May 9, 2011


I'm back from an amazing weekend in London where I attended the Colour Conference. And here I sit listening to this album and don't even know where to begin telling you about it.

Before the conference started I had some time to stroll around London and this time checked out Covent Gardens. It turns out this is one of my new favorite places in London. So much fun there.

The conference was filled with amazing teaching. Amazing and inspiring. It is so interesting how every year it just somehow fits right where I needed it, exactly how I needed it.

When it comes down to it I think I learned again how important it is to lead out of rest and ease. I learned how we always have to have Jesus in the center of everything we do. I am leading things in my church and over the last couple of months I know I mostly looked at it from the labor point of view and it just didn't work out. Everything we do centers around Jesus. Every ministry I do ultimately is not about me. It is about Jesus and I am merely the clay to be formed. Formed to be used by him. This is so important. Everything I do I want Him to be delighted in. 

So here I am now... ready. Indeed. Ready to change my world. Ready to make an impact. To turn my passion into something. Here to be strong, to be fierce, to be soft. Here to be louder, full of love and compassion.
Life is so much bigger than myself. There is so much more to do and change.  Last year this was birthed out of the conference and I cannot wait to see the aftermath of this year's conference.

Much love to you all!



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  1. looks like a fun trip! wish my next conference was in london!


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