Thursday, May 19, 2011


Hello my friends. I know I have been so absent this whole week. A lot was going on at work and there was little time for creativity, something I don't like. Being creative in so many different ways each day is essential to me. I do a lot of research and I read things. Fuel for inspiration.
Yet as I was sitting here drinking my coffee having some candy with it (I cannot drink black coffee without there being something sweet to chew on :-) ) I decided to share with you nonetheless. Plus, writing always helps me process things. Just like talking. I consider myself a talk processor. Just letting it all out and in talking finding the solution.

I actually have been reading a lot about Guerilla Art lately. It inspires me how people just take this courage and do it. Yes I know it is illegal, but that point aside - people are taking a stand. I am reading this blog and I love their attempt at it. Also I totally would love to have a book by Kerri Smith. I think her work is awesome and she inspires so many people to be creative in everyday life.

That aside most of you know I am planning my sweet sister's wedding and in all this process I see new lands to be discovered but more of that soon. It's not yet to be spoken about, but if it all works out it will be awesome!

Well... I hope your week is going well and you get some rays of sun. We actually had a thunder storm rolling in today and I simply loved it as we haven't seen much rain lately.

What have you been up to?




  1. mmmmm LOVE these pics and text. The concept of your blog is pretty glorious overall, if you ask me :)

    Will def. be following along! Have a great weekend!

  2. aww thank you and thanks for following! Have a great weekend too!


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