Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I am very aware of the fact that I like to talk. I am a talkative person. I share everything, I carry my heart on my tongue and ususally people know exactly what is going on with me because I communicate. It is my way of dealing with things, my ways of exploring the world having relationships.

But today I was asking myself if I overcommunicate if some things are necessary to be said. I mean I have learned over the years to be more sensitive and to listen rather than to speak in certain situations and although I am not there yet completely I am on my way.

Yet today there was this situation this very awkward situation and if you know me I get really chatty in awkward situations. I can go on and on about things in order to bridge the awkwardness and through my words crate a comfortable situation again. But that ususally only happens with people I am not too close with. Today though... it was strange and I just wanted to break that situation and say something but this thought came this thought of maybe just maybe overcommunicating and the unnecessity of saying something...

Switzerland 2010


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  1. PERFECT photo for this blog entry ;)) I love you!


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