Thursday, May 26, 2011

Old feelings

Ok... seriously... I found something out today. Ok not that I didn't know that before but was just reminded of how much our experiences shape the way we react in certain situations.
This might not be new to you or it may seem like the super-easy-I-could've-told-you-that statement. Yet sometimes we're just reminded of things when they slap our faces.
An mine was slapped big time today. Due to a time of my life where I was so not myself and kind of straying from all things, feeling little, unworthy and not enough I now am insecure in some situations. Don't get me wrong. This time is long over with, forgiveness has taken place and I have grown to be myself again - my strong self.
Just sometimes a situation occurs and the way it makes me feel reminds me of that time and I hate it. It feels as though I cannot deal with the situation and become really insecure and although I know this isn't right and I have to fight it and stand against it, it still happens. Not often. Not much.

But today it happened and I cannot allow for it to take roots or stay in my mind. So I guess I will verbalize it and speak about it because once said it loses power.

I guess that's it for now. I guess I'm fine.



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