Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Stay in the Light

A couple of years ago the dance I am about to post would have deeply touched me just like Star Wars Episode 3 did (no kidding!) as I found myself in that place. In a relationship where the other person is in a dark place and you try everything to help that person come back into the light. But you fail and you are torn and shattered and become a mere shell of yourself.
But because of the love of Christ and His strength in me I was able to make a choice. The choice to walk away from that relationship in order to become myself again. I did and it took a while for me to heal, to become whole again and today I find myself stronger than before. More in the Light than ever before and I love my life!

Now when when watching this video I think of so many people who make the same mistake I did and I hope and pray that they would choose to stay in the light even if it means stepping away from something that holds them in darkness. I am not saying it is easy or not painful because it hurts cutting things away. It hurts giving up a love. Yet coming into the Light, holding on to a relationship with Jesus gives you all the provision you need. And there is healing and eventually the love you felt will die and the pain you felt will no longer be there and you will find yourself helping others who are going through what you've been through because God uses your story.

Much love. xoxo


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