Thursday, July 14, 2011


The wedding was amazing and right. Pure, holy, beautiful! My sister looked stunning and it was so very special. I am sure there will be pictures coming up here at some point but I actually didn't take a single picture with my camera because I was running around the whole time, organizing, thinking, planning.
To be honest after the wedding I was so tired and didn't feel like doing anything. You don't realize it before how much energy you actually put into planning this special day for your sister. Oh but was it worth every second of it! It was so worth everything because as we were up at the castle and soaked in the atmosphere there was something special. And this special wasn't because we planned so amazingly or because everything looked amazing and people were merry. No, the special atmosphere came from my sister and Thimmo who started their life together as a married couple that day. They made a covenant that day. An eternal covenant. This is what could be felt. The holiness of that very moment. Of these two people becoming one before God. All I did in the planning process was creating a beautiful and tangible framework in which the covenant making and the intangible moments and feelings and atmosphere could happen.

But without further ado I want to share this video I found today which just watching it makes me relax. It also makes me realize who much I actually miss the ocean and the waves. There is no better therapy or way of relaxing than being at the ocean watching the waves.

PURE BRONTE from Marcus O'Brien on Vimeo.

Enjoy the rest of you week!




  1. mmmmmmmmm yes. let's go there. and learn to surf. yeah.

  2. you're right. nothing is better for the soul and mind than the ocean.
    That's why we're sailing around the world...

    Taru from World Tour Stories. A couple of lovers sailing around the world.


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