Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Weekend in Austria

As some of you might know part of my family is Austrian. And you might think Austria is really close and it is but my family lives far east of Austria in a beautiful wine region so it takes about 11 hours to drive there. Anyways I love my family there and the times spent there are always special and relaxing and it is just good to be with family.
I don't get to see them all too often so I try to savor every moment I'm with them. This past weekend my oldest cousin got married and it was the most cultural wedding I have ever been to. There was so much baking and making and preparing that it turned out to be a really beautiful wedding. And at the core of if two people in love made a covenant to spend the rest of their lives together.



PS:  Sadly my SD card is broken so all the photos are taken with my iphone and edited with Photo Effect Studio. You can also follow my instagram @ramonasebald

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