Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dreams and Goals

Last weekend we all went to do some archery which truth be told I love! So out there on the range and in nature, bow in hands and focusing on one single goal I had to think about dreams and goals and making things happen.
As most of you know from my Hopeless Romantic post I am a dreamer, a romantic and believe that dreams come true.
Over the last year I really have learned again what it truly means to dream and trust that they will come true. I have learned to not only dream those dreams and fantasize about them but to actually go after them and believe that they will come true. Something I had always done. Something I did when it came to moving to California for a semester a few years ago for example. But you know over the years you start getting settled and somehow I didn't have those big dreams anymore.
Until last summer when I really started forming these dreams into words and seeing how all of a sudden there was a lot actually that had just waited to come out and be spoken about.
And as you know I knew that something big was coming up last fall. I knew something was starting and just around the corner and honestly up until this past May I didn't know what it was.
And then it was there right in front of my eyes. The moment I had been waiting for for months and months that moment when your dreams come true and instead of just dreaming about it you actually start planning it and by planning it you start making goals. And by focusing on these goals you keep on moving forward and that was exactly what I had needed.
But to finally come to my point as I have mentioned before I will start a new job starting September. I will be managing an awesome Café and Restaurant here in town called Elemenz. It is quite the challenge and such a new chapter and season in my life. But I am ready for the future. Ready for the challenge and ready to see this dream come true and reach the goals after goals.



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