Wednesday, October 9, 2013


I have said it many times on this blog how important I believe art is in general and in the context of the Church.
Lately though I have realized even more how important it is that I surround myself with art.
I remember spending time with my two friends, forgetting about time, seeing the world through their eyes with colors and shapes and shades. They both moved to New York City (what were they thinking???  - just kidding) and I cannot wait to see them in November during Thanksgiving week.
Two weeks ago when I visited Dresden the famous Semper Oper was open to the public the day we went and got to go inside and listen to some beautiful opera music. After that we walked passed the Frauenkirche when I heard piano music. I could not but follow the sound.
In the middle of this huge square sat a man with his grand piano playing beautiful music for everyone to hear.
So there I stood and listened as tears started streaming down my face. There was no way I could stop it. I was just moved by the music and by everything I was surrounded with. And I wasn't ashamed of my tears.
It was that moment where I realized how important it is for me to have art in my life in the form of visual art, music, dance, theater, poetry. It helps me stay creative, it helps me see the world through different eyes and it inspires me in many ways.



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