Friday, December 4, 2009

Day 4 - Family

I am having my little morning break. Tea ready, a Grättimann and tangerine, plus a candle lit. I say, Christmas is right here.

Today I want to ponder a little bit about family. I am going to visit some family in Austria this weekend to celebrate my uncle's birthday. It's going to be a huge family celebration. I am super excited about it and think it is perfect now at this season of the year.

They say Christmas is the time of the year to be with your family. To visit your family, to spend time with them. I heard a girl say she doesn't like Christmas. Only sitting around, eating and talking. Others might say, they don't like to spend time with their family as too many conflicts could come up. Others then say, they don't even have a family or their family is living so far away there is noch chance to see them this Christmas.

I can understand these things and I know that I am blessed with an amazing family who is supportive and loving and forgiving and simply amazing.
Not everybody has this chance. Yet I want to encourage you, if you are not so good with your family, make an effort this year. Even if they did something to you. Make an effort, also if it is only a smile or some cookies. Hey, if that is the only thing you can do, do it.
If you don't have a family any more, let me encourage you by saying, that you have a family in Christ (if you are in a relationship with him). Do something with you best friends, celebrate with them. Make sure you are not alone on Christmas.

And here is also another way of giving love to a family. There are kids out there who don't have anything. They live with the least of things, usually with nothing.. And you can be their parent, give them love. How? Only with 1$ or 1€ a day. Organizations like Compassion International give you the oppornuity to make a change in a family. All you have to do is go to either for the United States or for Germany. Find out how you can sponsor a child.

Be the change.

Until tomorrow



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