Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Day 8 - Cheese of Holes

I am back from Austria, where I spent the weekend to celebrate my uncle's 60th birthday.

This morning I read a few very interesting thoughts about how we see our lives and it inspired me to ponder along with you.
I want to raise the question about how we see our lives? What do we think of when we look at our lives? Where is our focus? What do we represent?

The article I am talking about compared our life with a piece of cheese and its holes. Often we only focus on the holes, where there is nothing, the things that didn't work out, things we failed in, instead of focusing on the actual cheese. Yes, it has different tastes, because we are differerent, but it is the cheese that tastes good, not the holes.

Why don't you start looking at your life today. Take a few minutes, write down what you are good in. Write down a few of your dreams. What legacy do you want to leave? What do you want to acchieve?
Also, start looking at yourself the way Jesus sees you. Read Psalm 139 again. These are His thoughts about you.

Then, walk into a new day, be yourself, enjoy the day. Make a difference and get ready for the big things that are yet to come.

Until tomorrow


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