Monday, December 14, 2009

Day 14 - Friendship

Another week has started and to be honest with you, I am super excited. I'm so excited about what is happening right now and what is ahead.

Somehow this whole weekend and today the topic of friendship has kind of been with me.
Somebody once said, that life is like climbing a mountain, there are people who have gone before us, who help us climb up, there are people who come after us, who we lead. And then there are the people who we climb the mountain with. They are our friends, people who we share this experience, called life, with.
I want to raise the question if you have good friendships, but in order to do that I feel like I have to define what a friend is. According to the Merriam Webster online dictionary, a friend is "a favored companion". I like that. A companion is somebody who accompanies you.
For me, a friend is someone who I can trust, someone who shares this life with me, someone who I look after and someone who looks after me. A friend is a person in which's company you can completly be yourself. A friend has full permission to speak into my life, may it be praise or criticism.

Today I raise the question if we have those kind of friends? Godly friends. People who take care of you?

Friends have a very high influence on us, which is why we must choose them wisely and carefully.

Who are your friends? What kind of influence do they have on you? How do they help you grow as a person. How do they help you become a better person?

I really want you to ponder and reflect on this subject today. Maybe even write down a few things.

Until tomorrow



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