Thursday, December 10, 2009

Day 10 - An ordinary Day

Just lit my little candle I have on my desk. Also I am enjoying a good cup of tea and a piece of cake that tastes like Christmas. Plus: The sun came out.

Anyway, orginally I wanted to post about something else, something more serious and deep than I am acutally going to now. But I feel I should post this.

I called this post "Ordinary Day" because often times we think it will just be a normal, well ordinary day with nothing spectacular to happen. Yet sometimes the sweetest, most beautiful things can happen. The sparkle of a moment can happen on these days.
The only problem is that sometimes we are so consumed with what's going on, with the hectic of a day that we can miss out on these things.
Therefore I want to encourage you today to live life with opened eyes. Don't be to busy to see. Don't run everywhere. Look around you. See the things that are happening around and about you. I promise you that although not every day will be spectacular, you will find the sparkles, the breathtaking moments, the beautiful scenes, the people around you. You will be surprised about the beauty of it all.

Also I am posting this amazing dance that in my opinion embodies what I just wrote about: the sparkle of a moment.

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