Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Day 16 - Words of Encouragement

It's snowing outside and I am sitting here with my tea, cookies, clementine and the Vitamin String quartett playing Maroon 5 songs. I'm enjoying this moment, especially because I am super excited about today's blog.

Today I want to try something out, but I need you to join me in this. Ready?
Here we go:

I want you to take a piece of paper, a card, whatever is at hand. Then think of a person and write down all the things you like about this person. Why do you appreciate this person? And what are some of the things you enjoy with this person. Only write down positive things, write down words of encouragement.
When you have done that, give your piece of paper to this person and let him/her know that you just simply want to encourage them.

Why do this? Because we all know the feeling and the goodness that comes when people encourage us, don't we? Let's not only take for ourselves, but let's give it to others.

Let me know how it all worked out and how people reacted to your words!

Can't wait for your comments.



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