Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Friendship is....

I hope you all enjoyed a beautiful spring weekend. My weekend in Scotland was so great and pure relaxation. Melina and I took walks for hours and just enjoyed being at the coast. The air is amazing!

But I will report more on that trip at another time. Today I am posting yet another statement by one of my friends. Today I am priviledged to have our associate Pastor, Wil Williford share on the topic and I am more than excited. Melanie, his wife is my mentor and their family is such a big example for me. I love them very much! They both are amazing leaders and have streched me in my leadership. They have seen talents in me I had not seen and streched me in ways that formed me to be a better leader and person.

Leadership Retreat 2010 - best team, best friends

So, here is what Wil says Friendship is...

"...someone to share life with. What a boring and unfulfilled life this would be without meaningful relationships. There are times I need someone to hold my hand, and... times when someone needs my helping hand... "

Hope you are all enjoying a beautiful Tuesday night.



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