Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Friendship is....

Yet another day for me to share some Friendship is... statement. I like this series as it gives me to opportunity to post something small, inspiring every day. Plus... my friends are awesome and I value their thoughts so much!

Clarissa and I Summer 2010

Today's statement is by the gorgeous Clarissa who his dating this awesome guy! Anyways... the first memories I have with her date back to when I was maybe 10 or so. We would be at Sunday school together and she would sit on my lap and yes I still remember the silver and black ring she always wore. Funny. From all my best friends I guess she's the one I've known the longest. We have definitely gone through many seasons together and one thing always remained the same: LOVE. FRIENDSHIP. FORGIVENESS. I love Clarissa. She's one faithful, loving and awesome woman and I belsieve grant things are still ahead of her.

So here's what she says Friendship is...

"...a place where I can be myself with my strengths and weaknesses. A place where I do not stay the way I am, but a place where we sharpen each other and grow. A place which makes me a better person!
When I think about Friendship, I think of honesty and trust. To be honest to say what needs to be said not only what the other person wants to hear, yet trusting that it is said and meant in love and will be received with love."

Awesome words. Thanks Clarissa!



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