Friday, April 8, 2011

Friendship is....

I know I know I haven't posted anything yesterday but to be honest I was outside enjoying this gorgeous spring weather and watched this movie last night. Defnitely one of my absolute favorites. Beautiful!

Today's Friendship is... statement is by Melina who wrote this, this and that on this blog for the Friendship series. We've been friends for almost six years now and I feel like our friendship is just getting deeper and deeper. We have been sharing an appartment now for over a year and it is only getting better. At first I was really afraid of sharing an appartment with my best friend, afraid it would not be good for the friendship. But I have been proven wrong. And the great thing is, just when you think a friendship could not become deeper and more intimate, there is one conversation and you reach an even deeper level. That is how friendship should be!

Last weekend we traveled to Sctoland together so to already give you a little taste of our time there I am posting a Scotland picture along with her statement.

Scotland 2011

Friendship is...

"...a piece of heaven on earth.
...a breath of heaven in the dryness of walking this earth.
...a taste of heaven in a tasteless world."

Enjoy a great spring weekend friends!



PS: Cannot wait to write this Scotland blog with pictures :-)

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