Thursday, April 21, 2011


Sometimes it feels like time is passing by so quickly. I work, have to do list, have a ton of things on my mind of what needs to be done or what I want to do or what is coming up in the next couple of months. 
But then all it needs is a bikeride in nature. And even there to stop for a couple of moments to soak in the smell of new awakenings, the smell of spring. And then to stop and enjoy the beauty of God's creation. The green, the yellow, the white and all the other colors coming forth after a long winter. And to stop and let the new sun warm you with rays of new beautiful light so that I also will be awakened to new beginnings.

And it is in these moments that God speaks to you. The moments you stop and actually listen. These moments are precious and we need them. They refresh us. They help us refocus and enjoy the things we have. Enjoy the things we do. And in these moments new dreams are born, new ideas formed.

I pray that during these easter days may we reflect one basic thing. Jesus came to save us all. He redeemed us from all sin. He washed over us. In His death and resurrection we find wholeness, forgiveness - love.




  1. Lustig... du sprichst aus (bzw. schreibst) was ich auch grad so erlebe und denke!
    Und ich liebe das Zitat von Sleeping at Last! :)
    HDL Britti

  2. I LOVE the quote! Es ist so wahr...diese Momente sind essenziell für ein erfülltes Leben! Die Fotos sind super geworden! xoxo

  3. so exactly spot on.

    and i love the pictures of the bicycle and the radishes, in fact i may make a salad that looks suspiciously like that for lunch today!


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