Thursday, April 14, 2011

Friendship is....

Today is my lovely sister's birthday. Love you Christina, you're my best friend and I cannot wait to see you walk down the aisle, into the arms of your one true love.
How I cannot wait for this wedding to happen. It sure is a lot of planning (I am planning her wedding and will be planning all of my friend's weddings) but it is so fun and I love to be involved and support and invest myself into it.
Today is the last day of sharing a statement from one of my friends and it was rather spontaneous that I asked this young and wonderful lady to share her thoughts on friendship.
Larissa and I at the Night of Honor in our church

I think Larissa is a remarkable lady and I love watching her and love having the privilege of being part of her life. This week after dance class I told her how awesome I find it that when you talk about something with her she goes home, thinks and prays about it and then changes things. I love how she is letting some things go and more and more becomes the woman of God she is called to be. She starts dreaming, allowing those dreams to become reality.

Friendship is...

"... when every encounter feels like coming home."



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