Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Friendship is....

Hello Friends, I know it is already Tuesday... sorry for the delay (and hey there was a rhyme )
My weekend was so much fun. We had what we call Heaven's Rhythm on Saturday night and I love seeing a room filled with young people who worship God.
Also I have just been enjoying this gorgeous Spring weather. I was just soaking it in, smelling the trees, hearing the sound of nature - is there anything better? It lightens your soul and gives you rest. I love how beautiful God made nature that we may dwell and enjoy...
And today it is raining cats and dogs and I love it. It is just beautiful and I know it will make everything look even greener.

Dominic, Chris and Lukas at Campfour 2010

But... of course we're still talking about Friendship and today I am sharing a statement by Dominic. Now this is kind of an interesting story because Dominic has just grown really close to us especially over the last two to three years and I love seeing how he is growing spiritually and God is showing him his place and his calling. And I am certain that there is a great calling and something big still coming!

So here's Dominic's Friendship is...

"...to ask the right question at the right time."



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