Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A trip away - Scotland and the Abbey

Our next day began with a Scottish breakfast and with Scottish I mean the real deal. Meat, haggis, sausages, baked beans, toast, coffee, juice and everything you could imagine. But the great thing was that the lady from the B&B made everything from scratch and only shopped locally. It was wonderful and something I definitely normally don't eat. And it lasted for most of the day.
As I've said before we had planned on visiting the Arbroath Abbey that day and they opened up everything for us. Apparently we were the fist visitors. Hence the only ones the time we came. I considered it to be perfect to have the place to ourselves in calm and rest.
And we took some fun pictures. The weather was incredible again! We were overwhelmed that at the exact time we were there it would not rain. How beautiful. Ok. the Arbroath Abbey is beyond anything I had ever seen. It was one of the old ruins, grounds covered whith the greenest grass and you could only imagine its former glory with the big windows and the sound of a choir singing or an organ being played.
And seriously the light was perfect. Morning sunshine the seagulls singing or screaming whatever you want to call it and we the only people there. We were in awe.

We did explore every single bit of the abbey and spent hours there imagining the 17th century or thought about William Wallace and Braveheart. Well, at least I did.
From the Abbey we walked back to the harbour and had coffee at the harbour restaurant were we also made reservations for dinner. We loved it there. The whole flair and the view to the sea. 
We relaxed, read our books and sipped on flavoured coffee before we took another walk out of town and then back to enjoy some more tea and scones at the cutest little café in town. We were lucky to even get a table there. The waitresses were all wearing little white hats and it all sort of looked like in a past century. I was a happy girl.
What would a Scotland vacation be without a proper picture of a man in a skirt. We asked this young man if he would be willing to take a picture with us. The funny thing about it was though that he was drunk (see the bottle?) and as we asked him what he was up to his answer was nothing. Just walking, drinking and enjoying the day. We could see that.
Ok, I admit I love water and the coast and so I took every chance I could to take pictures of it and the seagulls and the sky. 
I love this last picture. It is so a friendship picture and perfect vacation shot. At least in my opinion.
We then returned to the B&B knowing that this was our last walk there as we were going to head home the next day. But we still had dinner before us and had planned on making it really special.
And special it was. We had amazing food. Well, fish and chips, but really great! It was that last night there that for me personally was really special and kind of brought a lot of things of the past months together for me. We just talked about everything and laid everything out and things started making sense again. I knew once I got home there were some things to change and do about it. I actually did when I got home. I took a long bike ride and discussed it all with God and he really brought up some things I had to change and reminded me of some dreams and asked me some really crucial questions I had to answer. It was perfect and I can really say that since then things did change and my attitude towards some things really has changed.



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