Wednesday, June 1, 2011


We haven't had this kind of weather in weeks. Grey skies, misty mountains and rain in between and honestly I'm enjoying it. Also I'm so glad for all the farmers. They were really anticipating rain!

Anyways here I am still sorting through the past weekend because it was so important and good in the end for me (although in between I felt miserable). So I guess this will be a super honest blog, but hey, I live a tranparent life and want it that way.

So, there was an incident after Leadership Summit which led me to feel alone and abandoned. I know, I'm the last person who should actually feel like that considering how amazing my friends are. I do know that but in the end and in retrospective I am thankful for feeling like that. But more about this later.
I then spent my afternoon down at the river enjoying the sun, writing my journal and with that I mean laying it all out before me, just writing and crying and figuring it out with God. Letting Him know everything and letting some things, some issues I had especially concerning my future husband go. It felt so relieving and good!
When I biked home a couple hours later there was something I realized and I was glad I did. This feeling I had after Leadership Summit was the same feeling that led me to start ONE in church. In this very moment I was thankful for being reminded of why I started the 20somethings ministry in my church. Not everybody has amazing friends like I do and my heart is to create and frame a place where people can connect. A place to find friends who make you become a better person.
Because once you've found them. They really do. They sharpen you. They challenge you and at the same time they encourage you.
At the end of the day and I mean Saturday that is what really happened as we took my friend Clarissa out for her birthday dinner. I feel honored and blessed with amazing friends and I want for other people to experience the same thing.

So here are a couple of pictures from that night.



PS: We're having a long weekend ahead of us so it'll be a little quieter around here :-)

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  1. My dearest, precious friend Ramona! I so so so agree to your blog. It could have been me written it!!!
    I am with you in thoughts and prayers!

    What would be LIFE without you. Always welcome to my house and heart ;-)
    I appreciate our friendship and I also don´t take it for granted!

    LOVE YOU!!!


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