Friday, June 24, 2011

The Tree of Life

I think I have mentioned before that The New World by Terrence Malick is one of my favorite movies and people who spend a lot of time with me know that I speak of this movie very often.
So of course I was really looking forward to The Tree of Life expecting it to be as brilliant as The New World. And yesterday a group of friends we went.
And I was captured.
I don't want to waste to many words on it as I feel my words will not be enough to describe what I was watching, what I saw and what I felt. And so in this little effort to pay tribute to this masterpiece I am showing you the trailer and will say the following:

Life and Death
Love and Hate
Good and Evil
Grace and Nature
Heaven and Hell

... and everything in between, the struggle, the journey, the questions and conversations with God.

Hope you have a great weekend!



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  1. llooooovee this movie. I think I need to see it again!


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