Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Nights

I have always had a love for fire. Growing up we as a family would often hike or drive up to little fire places in the woods to make a fire and grill sausages or just enjoy it. It was our idea of picknicks especially in the spring and summer months. I would always be so fascinated by fire wanting to hold a stick in it to see the blaze in its full glory.
Today I still love fires. For me the perfect summer night means sitting around a fire with friends while the moon rises and the stars become visible. It means listening to the sound of the fire and the crickets chirping. I could sit there forever and just think, talk and be in that moment.
Yesterday Melina and I drove up to our friend's house to just hang out for a while. The few hours we spent there felt like a piece of heaven on earth. Not only did we enjoy food together and great talks but the things we did stirred up the child in me. I felt completely free and myself and happy in that very moment. We jumped into stacks of hay and sat on David's horses. We ran through the sprinklers to cool down from the hot day. Later we made a fire. We just sat there talking being right there in this moment without constraints of time. I believe it is in these moments that we grow personally and spiritually because we pause. We pause, ponder, rethink, decide, act, change.
And so as the fire was burning down I thought about the fire we carry in our hearts and how I feel so related to fire. Fire spends warmth, fire infects others. Fire is passionate. And I never want to stop being passionate about God's plans for my life and the things he puts in my heart to do. For I know that God is fighting on my side.

xoxo Ramona

* Picture from here
** my sister and I on one of our picknicks

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  1. oh wow, i love everything about this post. passion and love and quiet determination. beautiful.


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