Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A trip away - Scotland and Edinburgh

Indeed our last day started with this breakfast. Unbelievable I know. But when you're in another country you have to experience everything. Get the whole cultural package. Plus it actually tasted really really great.
It was the day of our departure and although we had only been there a bit more than two days it was the perfect get away. Sometimes that's really what we need. A weekend away to see something else in order to get back on track. I believe taking these times of rest is so important. I need them for sure in order to stay creative and in order to keep dreaming. We can get so caught up in daily routines and what's right in front of us we forget to dream and envision things. That's what this weekend actually helped me do. Dream. Envision and see clearly again.
We took the train back to Edinburgh and still had a couple of hours before our flight. The time we used to explore Edinburgh at least a bit. I definitely have to go back and really see it. Not just from the outside but really go to the buildings, take tours, learn about the history. But that would be a whole trip on its own. A cultural trip so to say.

I think Edinburgh had a very special feeling and atmosphere and I really enjoyed it. It was different. The architecture was not like it is in London or other places in Europe I have seen. I gues the picures speak for themselves. 
It simply amazed me that you have the capital of Scotland and right behind some of these buidlings is a landscape like this. The only thing missing was a Scot playing the bagpipe.

After some coffee we took the bus to the airport to fly home. Home to an amazing life. Home with new memories and things you will get to tell your friends and kids one day. Things you will never forget. You come home and you restart and figure it all out. You live your dreams. One day after another.



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