Monday, June 6, 2011

A trip away - Scotland

It is about time I share our time in Scotland with you. I know it's already been months but I just didn't find the time to prepare the pictures and get it all ready for you. But here we go. As there are sooo many pictures I want to share this will be a three-parts blog and very picture heavy but I hope you'll enjoy it.

The trip to Abroath, Scotland was kind of spontaneous and very much needed. Sometimes you just have to get away for a weekend to be able to see clearly again. And that's what this whole trip was about. And sharing it with my best friend made it even better!

We stayed at the cutest Bed&Breakfast you could ever imagine and it was perfect. The lady who ran it brought us tea upon our arrival and we just spend a little bit of time in the room to relax before we took off to take a walk. Also I must add that she already checked for our breakfast the next morning which was either Scottish breakfast or very typical for the village: The Abroath Smokie - yes a fish! We chose Scottish for the next day.
And so we went out and walked to the beach. I had never before been to the North Sea and it was so different than any of the other seas I had seen before. Melina and I just walked and walked, talked, stopped at some bench to read a book or just watch the sea. There is something magical about watching the sea. At least for me. The rolling in and out of waves. The sound it makes. The air it creates. The different lights you get. It was beyond beautiful. And the greens were so lucious so beautiful. So not what we normally see. We loved it!
So yes, we were just there. Being ourselves. No obligations, no calendar or appointments to follow. There was room to play and just do whatever we wanted to. We breathed in the air, let the soft sea wind blow through our hair and laughed.
We walked into town and checked out the Arbroath Smokie, well the place they smoke it in there special way. We cruised through the harbour and it was so clearly a little fishertown. We loved it!
I cannot really explain to you how extremely beautiful the weather was. I mean when you think of Scotland you think of rain. But we had sunny weather, no rain and the the most spectacular cloud compositions in the sky. 
After lunch we strolled through town and then back to the beach where this time we actually went down to the sand. The reason we're wearing hats is. Well, it was not super warm. It wasn't cold but with the wind it just felt nicer to wear hats. Can you believe that green? It is like watching movies shot in Scotland. It looks exactly like that!
That little fella was dead actually but we still took a photo of him. And while Melina was collecting shells and stones we talked more. We dreamed about things we want to accomplish and do in life. Places we yet want to visit. Talking about the craziest things we would like to do and things we wanted to do when we were little. There is something about dreaming when you're somewhere else. I then decided that when I get married one day my husband and I will for sure visit Scotland. The roughness and greeness and wind are more than romantic. They call for adventure and yet they allow you to just be.
As the sun was slowly setting we took a nap in our room and enjoyed some more tea before going out for dinner. Our room had a great view of the Arbroath Abbey. The place we had planned to visit the next day.



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