Monday, January 16, 2012

Barren Trees

I spent this weekend at my grandmother's in Central Germany. It was good to be away from my normal life, from my routine from the things I usually see. It was good to spend the weekend with my grandmother. It was calm and it was quiet.
I went for a walk each morning in the fields behind her house. The crisp air in my face, the quiet land before me I took time to pray and think, to listen to the Holy Spirit speak to me.
I looked at the trees, studied how they grow. They were barren just as it is in the winter. In fact everything was barren before me.
And at that moment I loved it! For me seeing these trees was like seeing my own life. After an autumn full of change there is nothing left but the hope for new life, new growth and stronger branches in the coming spring.
I looked at the barren trees but all I saw were white blank pages.



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