Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The First Page

Yesterday after a day full of work I sat in my living room, candles lit and tea at my side. And I started the first page of my new journal.
For me starting a new journal, filling the first page with ink is something almost sacred (and I don't mean that in a spiritual way). That first time my pen hits the pages full of expectations and hope and curiosity of what kind of stories and experiences and God encounters will fill this book.

Beth/Rest by Bon Iver on Grooveshark
I had this song on repeat and it got to me in that moment, it soothed my soul. At that moment, ink on paper, and music in my ear all I felt was happiness and bliss. Delight. The kind of delight that makes you cry. And I cried. Good, happy tears. Tears of relieve.



PS: you can listen to the whole Bon Iver album and other songs in my Current Soundtrack

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  1. Ah first pages ... I totally feel what you say.


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