Friday, January 13, 2012

Dreams | Visions | Goals

At the beginning of each year I sit down and write down things I want to accomplish in the coming 12 months. I like taking that time dreaming and setting goals. I must say though I am not a person for new year's resolutions. I rather live my life dreaming of things and making actual goals with timelimits to them. I want to accomplish things personally and spiritually.

Anyways, this year was indeed a little different and I was just closing the chapter and kept on rereading the last lines of this particular chapter I didn't even think as far as dreams or couldn't visualize myself in a new book and new chapter and new beginnings.
But this week marks the aftermath and prologue. It felt like I finally started to see a few things and by the middle of the week I started writing down things I would like to see happening this year. Then I wrote down dreams. Crazy dreams, funny dreams, serious dreams. And yet I want to dream so much bigger and wider and crazier. The kind of dreams I can only see happening if God is doing them through me.
And today I wrote down goals. Actual goals for this year.

I guess this prologue is coming to an end and I am soon starting to write new adventures.

So here's to that. To new dreams. New Visions and new goals. Here's to starting. Here's to building. Here's to creating. And most of all to new adventures!



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