Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Art of gathering around a table

It has become a tradition that every year on a Saturday in October I invite some of my friends over for dinner and I don't just mean a potluck, casual kind of thing, but really I go all out with several courses and cook it all from scratch. All in the attempt to bless my friends, to show my gratitude and to just gather them around the table to share a meal.
This is not going to be a typical events post where I tell you about all the details of the planning process and decorations because to be honest it was quite simple: a few white candles, a forest themed (foxes and bears) invitation, a great mix of music and most of all good food!
If you know me well you know without a doubt that I did put a lot of effort into the planning aspect and I did. As a favor I made a mixtape "The Soundtrack of my Life - Herbst 2013 Edition" which I will show you on Thursday.
But let me say this: I believe there is a beauty and a power when friends gather around a table to share food and company.
There was one moment during the night where I just sat there in total bliss. I looked at each one of them and felt like the happiest person on this planet. So blessed with friends.
We are loud and we can go from the deepest of conversations to the funniest. I laughed so much that night.
There was no program, no games, no movies that night. It wasn't neccessary and I believe it is not always neccessary. All you need is a few people. food and conversation. Let the conversations roll out. Let people share their hearts, let emotions come through and hearts to be seen.
Every year I ask what everybody is thankful for and everybody just shares their heart. That was such a beautiful moment because we were all open and honest and got to see a bit of the other person.
It is these moments which energize me, which make me keep going. In these moments I feel extremely loved and cherished. These moments make all the effort worth it, make all the work and planning seem like nothing because you get to experience the beauty of people gathering around a shared table.

So I guess I just want to encourage you to invite your friends over. Create a cozy atmosphere where people feel comfortable and safe. Put some nice music on, light some candles, cook or ask them to bring something. Whatever it is, gather, talk, share your hearts, be real, honest, transparent and authentic. In other words, be you and let your friends see it.

Especially now as the season changes and it gets colder, don't hide in your house or apartment, but use it as a place for people to feel home. And especially during holiday season don't be too stressed out and busy to spend time with your friends. Make an effort and I promise you it will be worth it. Relationships are always worth investing into.

Anyways... if you have any question on how to go about this on where to start,what to cook, how to create such an atmosphere, leave me a comment and I'll try to answer your question.



* picture taken by my friend Melina


  1. What World you say when someone (like myself) don't Cook so well and do Not like cooking at all? But i want to invite my friends to come over and want to invite them for dinner. ..? Greets

    1. Well, I guess the most important thing is to create an atmosphere in which people feel comfortable and at home. By no means is it important to cook the fanciest food. One thing I often do is have people contribute to snacks and another thing is I have 2-3 go to snack recipes (poporn, guacamole, vegetables and dip) which always work are quick and easy plus you can never go wrong with a board full of cheese and salami and nuts and fruit. That way you don't have to cook but still have a nice meal. On my pinterest (pinterest.com/ramonasebald) there is also lots of easy recipes.


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