Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thursday Tunes

As promised on Tuesday I am going to share my "Soundtrack of my Life Herbst 2013 Edition" with you today and I'm super excited about it!
There is barely anything that sets a mood more than music. Just think of it: Candles burning, some really cozy jazzy music playing and all of a sudden you change it to 90s dance music (like I did yesterday!). What happens? Ideally everybody get's up and starts dancing because who can hold it in when "I like to move it" is playing??
But that aside I have put together a somewhat fall mix tape. In the past all my Soundtracks sort of described a story of my life but this time there was no personal story behind it. There still was a concept to it though: It starts with the forest, the storm, light, to break bread, season's change, to trees and then back into the wild.
But now without any further ado here's the playlist. May it accompany your cozy evenings when you have friends over.



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