Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Growing up

Recently I watched this movie called Liberal Arts. It was a whole lot about growing up. One of my favorite subjects.
I am still in my 20s and sometimes I still don't think I'm there or have it figured at all.
I do think though that I have gotten a little closer over the past 6 month.Yet I'm not speaking about the negative connotations or about being a boring grown-up. I'd rather be Peter Pan than that!
One thing I liked about the movie is that it stated that there is quite the difference between feeling a certain age and being that certain age. I don't feel like my age but how are you supposed to feel an age anyways?
You're just feeling like you with all your memories and stories.
So I guess the growing-up part is learning from your experiences and being able to reflect and evaluate your actions, change and grow. It is being more secure in yourself, knowing what you like and what you don't. Knowing what direction to walk and what paths to omit. And at the same time keeping a young spirit, having fun in life not taking everything too seriously. Laugh. Cry. Just be. Enjoy life. Enjoy the journey you're on. We all keep on growing and changing and we're all on the journey of becoming more ourselves than ever before.
Let yourself be used by God. He has great plans for you. Allow him to shape you and give you more wisdom along the way.



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