Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day 15: A Leap of Faith

Like I said yesterady my life is so interesting right now and I find it quite amusing how everything seems to be happening in the last 4 weeks of this year!
What is quite interesting is the fact that I love sermons about getting out of the boat, risking things, following God's plans and I always thought I did that. And I do and I am always willing to get uncomfortable for God to shape and change me. And believe me this year has been a year of change and growth in many areas.

And yet again I am here now at the edge of decisions to make. Decisions that will change my life. And the only question that comes up in my heart is if I am willing to take the risk. Am I willing to get out of the boat. Am I ready to step into new waters of uncertainty? And another thing I ask myself is why not? What is hindering me? Why shouldn't I try out and leap?
This Sunday our Pastor so amazingly connected the Christmas Story with a message about faith. We will never have enough facts to make a choice and in the end we just have to step out in faith allowing God to bring it all together and to work on our behalf. Not hindering him by staying comfortable, but leaping. Jumping, believing and taking that risk. And who knows what kind of joys and growth and change that will involve, right?!

So these are my thoughts on this crazy weather day a week before Christmas and two weeks before this year ends. And to top it all of a song came to me again. A song I have known for a while but today the lyrics spoke to me.

Follow Your Heart by Nathan Angelo on Grooveshark

What are some choices you are making right now? Are you willing to step unto the water?



PS: Plus plus plus... this awesome article found me in the perfect timing!

picture unkown. If you know where it's from let me know and I'll link it.

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  1. Great thoughts and a great song! So so true. Let´s follow our hearts! Just trust and leap. You have nothing to loose. Love you my friend. I am always there for you..


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