Thursday, December 22, 2011

Day 22: To Gather

Yesterday we celebrated Melina's birthday and after us girls had eaten all our other friends rang the bell and showed up with an amazing chocolate cake!
This year has really marked a year of friendship. I have learned so much in the friendships I have and through my friends. Yet again I saw the importance and the essence of a good friend. And it is not about being perfect people or about spending perfect times together or even spending that much time together. It is about being there for each other, making every moment count, asking the right questions. It is about the simplicity of a hug or the soft touch of a hand. It is the words of encouragement and the words that make you become a better person. It is about growing together and growing closer to God. It is about doing this life together and helping each other climb the mountain tops in our lives.
I believe there is nothing like friends gathered around a table eating. It is simple. It is true. There is laughter and there might be tears but it's a gathering. It is being together.

Thank you friends!!!!



PS: I did a series on Friendship at the beginning of this year.

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