Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 7: Pause and Rest

It is a quiet afternoon. The wind is blowing hard outside. My little candle is burning and Michael Buble is singing Christmas songs for me.
I am thinking a lot about my friends. I am thinking a lot about choices I have to make. I am thinking about all the things that have happened this year and am forming dreams for the New Year.
I love this season of the year because you remember what it is all about you remember all the things that have passed this year and you see the place God has brought you to at the end of another year.
I find it very sad up to the point of wanting to cry sad how it seems that in this season so many people are stressed out and unfriendly when this should be the season of rejoicing and being thankful and taking extra time to relax.
For me this is actually always the season when I am planning the most parties and to top it all of I always find time to do an extra party, an extra little bit here and there. But I delight in it. It soothes me and I love giving of my time and talent to spend it with amazing people.

I guess I just want to encourage you to take a moment and breathe. Relax and allow yourself to come to rest.



PS: I had planned on posting a dance... oh well... I guess I'll save that for tomorrow
PSS: the picture is my best friend Melina and I with our Christmas tree this year. We have our own little tradition!

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