Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day 3: Tango

My friends and I have recently talked about Tango and I must say I definitely want to learn it. The Argentine Tango that is. There is something about it.
Well, when I learn it I definitely want it to look like this. This piece is perfect for me in every way:

xoxo Ramona

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  1. yup - argentine tango is one of the greatest dances! I love to dance it, but you've got to have a good dance partner or it does not work at all. And to be honest - it is not that easy to learn. you need a lot of strength in your arms and stomach and legs and - uhm - kinda everwhere... but if you know how to dance it, its just an awesome feeling.
    and similar to that one is the Rumba - and a bit easier...


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