Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 18: A lot like Christmas

I am really sorry that Day 18 is coming so late, but wow what a weekend it has been! We had our you(th) Christmas Party: The Christmas Factory. It was such a great night. So much fun and so relaxed and filled with awesome people!
Today we had a little friends/mentoring Christmas Party which was just plain beautiful. It is certainly one of my absolute favorite Christmas Parties each year because it gathers my very best friends around a table. We laugh, we cry, we are so close and I love every single one of them more than words could every find an expression for.

Hope you enjoyed a beautiful weekend and 4th of Advent too!




  1. Ramona you look incredibly beautiful! Love your dress and your hair! Amazing!

  2. aww thank you Britta!!! Notice... I did not get my hair cut :-) hehe!!!


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