Sunday, December 22, 2013

Day 22: Time with Friends

Good morning friends.... it is a relaxed Sunday and only 2 more days till Christmas Eve. We had the dress rehearsal for the special service we put on each year and can I just tell you how amazing it is going to be!!
On Friday my best girl-friends and I had our annual Christmas party. We've been doing that now for years. It all started with wanting to start a tradition (thanks Tanja) we could keep up until we're old and have long gray hair (that would be me). At first we even dressed up like Christmas trees and Snowmen (me again) and shepherds and lights and stars. After two years we ditched that and went out for dinner instead.
We also started to draw names and give that person one special bigger present and on top of that we each have our own stockings that we fill for each other with smaller presents.
This year we went for Asian food at a restaurant nearby and then over to my place where we had dessert, cheese and PRESENTS.
What I love about this party is that it has become a tradition and a priority for each of us, something we will keep up and something that will always bring us together no matter where we are. We don't get together often enough and when we do it is always special. This Christmas party is in actual fact a celebration of our friendships, our memories and journeys, boyfriends, husbands, kids one day, moving to other countries and back. And we make new memories each year.
And what more beautiful thing than then gift of friendship and times spent together.



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