Thursday, December 5, 2013

Day 5: Thursday Tunes

I thought since it is Thursday and I really love music why not share some beautiful tunes with you. I like Christmas music a lot but let's be honest it doesn't take too long for me to have had it with bells and Rudolph and White Christmas. So a few years ago I started adding some alternatives to my Christmas playlist. I added songs which might have Christmas lyrics but don't sound like Christmas music or I added songs that had nothing to do with Christmas but were beautiful and romantic. The great thing is that I am not the only one and so you find more and more playlists which really add some beautiful music to the season. Plus, noisetrade really helps.
Anyways today I felt like sharing this Joni Mitchell song with you. It is a life performance and I totally love the video with it. Kind of makes me want tot travel back in time.



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