Friday, December 6, 2013

Day 6: The Big Apple and the small things that matter

I decided that my journey should become part of The Calender so we can all dream of faraway lands and travels and adventures on grey Winter days.

People have asked me about my highlight of visiting New York City but honestly it is hard to pinpoint it because every day was special in its own way with its own adventures. I loved being there and loved spending time with my friends.
I did indeed see a lot of the city but in such a manner that the days did not seem rushed but relaxes with slow mornings and coffee breaks and lots of great conversations.
I stayed the first two days with my friend Alyssa in her Brooklyn apartment. On my arrival I was greeted with a beautiful sunset and the skyline. We went for a walk in Central Park where it was freezing cold. To warm up we went to Café Lady M and had the 20 layer Mille Crêpe cake which believe me will change your life. It was such a good time to catch up on things that have happened in our lives for the past year. 
The first few days I was just fascinated by the architecture and the versatility of the buildings. I wasn't even sure if I wanted to take pictures of every beautiful building I saw because there were so many.
I was glad to see Alyssa's studio where she creates her beautiful art. I loved the conversations we had. They did me so well. She has such an eye for detail and color and inspires me to see the world a little bit different.
To say that I was overwhelmed by Time Square is probably an understatement. I'm not really good with crowds and it just felt so unreal. We spent about 5 minutes there and then left to take off for the rest of the day which we spent having Molten Chocolate cake (what can I say??) and touring the MET. I loved the MET. It was raining outside so the timing was perfect.
I am so glad that I could go and see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. It was probably the most historical day for me. Although I already knew a lot about the history it was just great to get into it again and be reminded.
The next couple of days were filled with Thanksgiving and Black Friday where indeed I treated my self ("treat yo self" as Becky likes to say) to an amazing pair of leather boots. We went to Brooklyn to antique shops and had hot chocolate at nunu Chocolates. We finished the day by walking the Brooklyn Bridge and getting into the Christmas spirit (us and 5000 other people) at Rockefeller center. On my last day it was indulgence after indulgence as we went for Brunch after church (French toast is the magic word), went to see the Nutcracker which was so beautifully danced and topped it off with New York Cheese cake; the last thing I had to do before leaving the city.
I absolutely loved my time there, loved Becky and Jordan's neighborhood where the Great Gatsby also is set in the golden 20s.
Thank you Becky and Alyssa for having me, for your friendship and the times and conversations spent. When I look back at this trip it is not about checking everything off my list and trying to see everything. What I remember most is when we sat down and talked, shared our hearts and dreamed of the future.




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  1. LOVED having you here!! So many good memories and good conversations. Good to be able to share my heart with you, my dear!


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