Monday, December 23, 2013

Day 23: Meaningful gifts

Can you believe that Christmas Eve is already tomorrow??? The last three weeks went by in a blink of an eye - wow.
I think I do this post about gifts every time in my calendar because it is so important to me.

I know of some people who don't like Christmas because it has become so commercial. Let me just say this. If you think that way then change the way you celebrate Christmas. Cut out the commercial and start something creative. Instead of complaining, change it. I personally don't like the commercial side of Christmas either. That is why I try to remind myself every day what Christmas is really about. On Christmas I try to be really creative with my presents and give meaningful gifts. Yeah some gifts might be commercial or might seem like it but I buy them because I know they will be a blessing to the other person.
Other gifts are gift cards for restaurants or tickets to a play - I love those gifts because it means that the people you are giving them to have to take a night off and indulge in beautiful art.

If you can't give something like that maybe because of finances, come up with other ideas like babysitting for free for a couple so they can go on a date. Or give someone a "gift card" to spending a day with you or have dinner, breakfast or a picnic with you.
I think the gift of time is always the greatest because we all lack it and giving something of that value to another person is pretty big.

One thing I have started a few years back is making banana breads for all my friends and basically anybody I want to give a gift. That means standing in the kitchen for a few hours but I love it. I listen to music, dance a little and think of all these people.

If you don't have time to do that because we all know time is short make baking mixes. I did that this year for the stockings. I bought big glass jars and put all the dry ingredients in and wrote on there what else they need to put in and for how long they need to bake it.

So... I guess these are quite a few non-commercial suggestions. Have fun giving, celebrate each present and most of all, forgive, love and have a great time with family and friends.



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