Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Day 3: DIY Christmas Garland

I am back from the big city of New York and will report on that hopefully later this week! It was such a great time and I enjoyed it thoroughly especially with it being right there before Christmas time.
Yesterday my roommate and I bought our Christmas tree and while she put the lights on, I put my hands on making a greenery garland for the very first time. While I was putting the branches together and wrapping the wire around I was feeling so relaxed and calm. I love working with my hands like that. Creating something beautiful, listening to Christmas music, bringing the outsides in and smelling the fresh greens.
So I thought I should probably share the how-to instructions with you so you too can make a garland- it is really quite simple.
I hope you are enjoying this day. Take few minutes, calm down, relax, have some tea.



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