Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dinner, a Bridal Shower and my favorite festival

One of my favorite things about summer is warm summer nights. That moment when everything is cooling down a bit but still warm enough to sit outside. Last Thursday I went out for dinner with my friends to this great restaurant called Mondweide. It's a real inside tip on this region and it's all organic. As we sat there in the shade, talked about our summer, watched the sun set it was total bliss. Total happiness.
I am currently planning the wedding of two of my friends. Only 3 more weeks to go!! On Friday we celebrated Claudia's bridal shower and the maid of honor and her bridesmaids did such a beautiful job in planning it all. What a special shower it was, full of emotions and honesty and encouragement. That was followed by my favorite summer festival, the "Kieswerk Open Air", which is an outdoor movie festival. It combines some of my favorite things: music, food, art and a movie! My sister, brother in law and me went to see Les Misérable. I sang along while I watched the stars appear on the night sky and followed shooting stars.
What a night! What a summer!



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