Monday, August 12, 2013

Movie Monday

Happy Monday!!
Can I just say how wonderful rainy days are when you get to spend them at home with candles lit, popcorn ready, a blanket and a good movie. The best!
I cannot even remember how I found today's movie. I think I was just researching potential movies and then found it and I am so glad I did. The movie is called "Evening" and is definitely more on the drama/romance side, but hey we all need that every once in a while.

It is one of those movies about looking into the past and reveils all sort of secrets. It is about first love, weddings, the 1950s, endless summers and heartbreak.
I thought the cast of the movie was just perfect and the chemistry between the actors really fitting for the overall atmosphere of the movie.
I like those kind of movies because they just take you back in time and make you wish for summers by the lake and love.



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