Monday, August 5, 2013

Movie Monday

It's Monday again? Time seems to fly.
Last week I stood at a traffic light with my bike on my ways to work and I saw a poster with advertisement for a movie. It didn't say the name of the movie but it said, "A film crew that doesn't exist is making a movie which doesn't exist." Now... can you guess what movie that is?
... of course it's Argo!!!
I had also heard about the movie at the Oscar's and put it on my to-watch-list. I didn't watch it though until a few weeks ago and loved it!
It was so intense I was unable to move, eager to know what will happen next! I loved the whole feeling of the movie, the time it was shot in and the way they displayed this time in history.
For me personally it was one of those movies which I keep thinking about for days after I have watched them. I try to understand things, figure them out. For me that is also a sign for a good movie because it sticks with me.

Have you watched it yet? What did you think of it?



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